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Flowell Oil Tools are a company based in Scotland that design and manufacture oilfield equipment for export all over the world. Our product line continues to grow, including the requirement for bespoke equipment designed at the client's request. We pride ourselves in high quality, user friendly products at competitive rates and excellent delivery times.

Control line tensioner

Need to remove slack on your discharge pressure control line?.

Flowell’s Control Line Tensioner (CLT) is a quick and easy way to remove slack from discharge pressure lines on ESP Installations. The CLT rests on the pump discharge head flange bolts and is held in place by six miniature magnets against the discharge pressure sub body.  The control line is gripped by a cable clip that can accommodate 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/4“ diameter bare pressure control lines.  The control line is tensioned to remove the slack by turning the CLT drive bolt to the required torque.  The control line is then cut to the required length and terminated in the discharge pressure sub. 

Removal of slack from the control line greatly reduces the risk of damage to the Motor Lead Extension (MLE) cable by the control line, and also reduces the risk of the control line snagging when running in hole.

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"we greatly appreciated Flowell’s support and efforts for assisting with the delivery of crossovers at short notice which enabled us to carry out a successfully executed ESP DST for our client" 

Gian-Marcio Gey, Operations Manager, Schlumberger Artificial Lift

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